About Us

Interhome LLC was founded in 2005 and features a wide range of high quality textiles. During the short period our company has become one of the leading companies in textile in Armenia. We have earned our reputation for excellent customer service with the help of our professional consultant - sales representatives. As a result of this, customers acknowledged Interhome the best among the textile companies in Armenia in 2009. The main principle of the company is tounderstand the customers' needs and according to their needs to fulfilltheir wish. The company provides discount cards for active customers. We are providing two types of cards:
· Permanent customer: these customers have their discount according to their purchase, while on Tuesdays they can have additional 5% discount.
· My family: this card has advantage (additional 5% discount) on Saturdays and Sundays.

One of our wish is to be healthy. Our health indirectly depends on the better night sleep. A Harvard research concludessome reasons why we need better night sleep.
· Memory: sleep helps brain commit new information to memory.
· Illness: your body's immune system has more trouble fighting illnesses off when it has not rested properly.
· Mood: Behavior problems have beenlinked to sleep deprivation.
· Obesity - too little sleep might be linked to obesity. Our bodies release hormones leptin andghrelin to signal to our body we are full and hungry, respectively. When we don't sleep enough, leptin levels go down and when you get a spike of ghrelin, you will get hungry and most likely, eat when you should be sleeping.

· Depression – Studies are now finding that it was once thought that sleepproblems were a symptom of depression, but they are now considering thatsleep problems may precede depression.
The company provides the products which help you sleep better. Interhome offers one of the largest selections of mattress pads and toppers, pillows, comforters, duvet covers, bed spreads, towels, textile for kids, etc.

Better night sleep is especially important for our kids. A kid's bedroom is a special place for him/her. Usually kids don't like sleeping; therefore, their bedrooms should be enjoyable and pleasurable. Interhomeprovides a wide range of products for kids.